About Us

NGO non-governmental organizations, according to the certificate of registration from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the Center was established by a group of journalists, academics, researchers and professionals, volunteers and professionals aspiring to make a positive change in Yemen.

Center is one of three institutions specializing in this field in Yemen, and has experience of knowledge and an extensive operation in the preparation and implementation of studies to measure public opinion and impact assessment studies and focus groups, as well as the research programs of community and market studies and surveys in line with the objectives of the center and meet the needs of local and international institutions and non-governmental organizations, institutions and government bodies and trade unions.

Center led by a team of experienced and highly motivated, where the rehabilitation and training of about 400 researchers and a researcher from all the provinces of the Republic at a rate of 20 for each province (10 youth 0.10 blocks), and the Center collaborates with dozens of experts and consultants, academics and professor of universities whenever the need arises, as it oversees Academy advisory body to the center's programs, methodology and methods of scientific research, induction, analysis and statistics.

The Center is committed to the methodology and scientific integrity in the preparation and implementation of projects of different and is designed to diagnose and assess and analyze data and information on various conditions, including the social conditions in Yemeni society and analyze the results and outputs and impact assessment, and addresses the Center national issues you are dealing with transparency and accuracy and independence with adherence to standards methodology and scientific adopted in the international centers of excellence working in this area, and the center design and implementation of studies and scientific research and questionnaires to measure opinion and you are looking at the nature of the relationship between public knowledge and public opinion, as the center is committed to the protection of the respondents from the exploitation of the name of scientific research.

As the planning and strategic programs of economic and social studies based on reliable public opinion, the center and through his research and units of different aims to contribute to building a democratic and civil society, as well as bring about positive change in the Yemeni democracy emerging.

Depends on the implementation of the research center of international standards adopted by major organizations and research institutions, particularly the World Organization for Public Opinion Research (Wabour), and the American Organization for Public Opinion Research (Apure).